re:learn helps students and schools use technology in smart ways to enhance learning

Our Vision

Over the next 5 years, we plan to serve 1,000,000 students by enhancing their learning experience through technology in and out of school.

Help combat unemployment by training recent graduates and deploying them to schools nationwide.

Develop a strong network of teachers and facilitators capable of leveraging 21st century tools to teach effectively.

Work with the government and other stakeholders to develop policies that promote and ensure ICT resources are effectively used in classrooms nationwide.

The 2017 Summer of Code is here!

The Summer of Code is a 4 week, interactive programme to introduce kids aged 5 - 18 years old to Computer Science and programming. At the Summer of Code kids learn to make connections between technology and their interests; as they learn how to design computer games and animations using Scratch, design web pages using HTML/CSS and build computer applications using Python.

  • 31st of July - 26th of August 2017 (Mon, Wed & Fri)
  • 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Lagos, Abuja and Oyo.


re:learn After-School Club

Make the most of the afternoon after-school by signing up your kids for an hour of programming, twice a week at the re:learn Centre. Designed specially for students between Primary 1 and SS3, the curriculum is crafted to help kids learn through fun, hands-on activities.

Duration: 6 weeks

Date: 23rd May - 29th Jun (Tues & Thurs)

Time: 4:00PM - 5:00PM

re:learn Weekend Club

Can’t make time-out during the week? Sign up your 5-18 year olds for 3 hours of fun and learning on Saturdays. Each lesson is project based with fun projects that allow the kids express themselves and learn new skills to prepare them for today's digital world.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Date: 20th May - 8th Jul (Saturdays)

Time: 11:00AM - 2:00PM

re:learn Gap Year Club

Specially designed for teens who have completed secondary school and have few months or a year before starting at a university. Choose one of 2 tracks and kickstart their careers and maximise the time they have before undergraduate life begins.

Duration: 6 weeks

Date: 22nd May - 7th Jul (Mon, Wed & Fri)

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM

About re:learn

At re:learn, our goal is to help schools use technology in a smart way to enhance learning. Through content curation and capacity development - with a wide network of trained facilitators, our aim is to improve the learning experience in and out of the classroom.

The re:learn Centre located in Abuja is a home of experimentation as we identify innovative ways to equip teachers and students with 21st century tools to accelerate the delivery of content and ultimately students’ learning.

Supported by

  • Google
  • Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • Oracle
  • MacArthur Foundation